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Weaversino Clothing Company

  • We manufacture a wide variety of woven and knitted garments for Men,Ladies,Children including shirts, dresses, coats suits, jackets, pants, trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts, pajamas, vests, workwear, underwear, sleepwear, sportswear..., and other woven and knitted clothing.
    We provides a total manufacturing solution, helping you from the beginning stage of sample development, taking care of materials sourcing,paying close attention to products details and quality control throughout the production process, all the way till the goods delivered to your warehouses. With a team of dedicated staff paying close attention to products, quality and on-time deliveries, Weaversino makes sure production is hassle-free for you so you will have more time focusing on marketing and retailing the products.

    Now, If you already have a design, you want to bring it to market or you want to create your private label, please contact us.

How to order:

  • 1. Please contact us:
    Email:          Rain Han
    Or                 Harry
    ( E-mail is preferred,because of the time zone difference)
    Please send us your design with detailed description of specific dimensions, materials, logo, color, quantity..., we will quote you an estimate based on the MOQ(minimum order quantity).

    2. We make the sample and send it to you to confirm if it is correct. You need pay some fees for the sample in advance. The sample fees will be returned after placing an order. It usually takes 7-10 days for us to finish a sample.
    3. You check the physical sample we made after you receive it ,if you like it, then let's go to next step of placing an order. If you don't think it is very good, we will redo and modify the sample according to your opinions. But you need do the second payment for the new sample. (Note:The samples costs will be all return if you place an order of it.)

    4. The two parties make sure finally sample.

    5. You pay for 70% of payment to place an order.

    6. Our factory arrange to produce products.Usually,it takes 30 days for us to finish an order. Sometimes, it takes more time for a bigger order.

    7. You pay the balance(30%of payment) and shipping,then we send the goods to you.

    8.Business over,periodically visit.

Production Features:

  • -Small Runs
    -Large Runs
    -Quick turnaround
    -Full service cut and sew
    -Full service custom embroidery
    -Custom Slik Screening,Transfer Printing and Direct To Garment Printing
    -Pressing and packaging
    -Quick delivery

    Practical Informations:
    Sample Terms: 1.We need charge some fees for making sample in advance,it can be returned after placing an order.
    2.It takes about 7 days for us to finish a sample.
    Lead time: It usually takes 45 days for us to finish an order,however,depending on the order it may vary.
    About delivery: Express courier deliver of DHL,FEDEX , TNT, EMS, etc. Shipments by sea, or by customer's special request.
    Labels: We can custom make your private label according to your design,also provide care-label and size-label for your order.
    Payment Terms: 70% upon placement of order,30% with proof of shipment.
    Payment modes,now available :
    1. Bank transfer payment
    2. Western Union payment
    3. Paypal

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.weaversino.com