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Materials and accessories

We can source all kinds of materials and accessories for plush toys, because here there is a materials market, it is the largest materials market in the world.And we have many cooperative partners who are materials suppliers or accessories suppliers. You just need send us your plush toy design, then we offer 'full package' service, including sourcing all materials and accessories, making a sample to confirm, mass producing, packaging, delivery....even making your private label.

How to order:

  • 1. Please contact us:
    Email: han@weaversino.com or weaversino@163.com.
    2.(1). If you have a prototype,please send us the picture of it and tell us detailed description of specific dimensions, materials, logos, color, quantity.... We will quote you an estimate and if you agree it, then you'd better post the prototype to us, we can correctly replicate it.
    (2).If you just have a picture or a photo, please send us it and tell us detailed description of specific dimensions, material, logos, color,quantity..., we will quote you an estimate as soon as possible.
    3.We make a sample according to your design, and send it to you to confirm, but you need pay $120-$200 for a sample in advance. The sample costs will be return if you place an order and the quantity reach MOQ.
    The sample costs will not be return if you didn’t place any order of it.
    Usually ,it takes 7-10 days for us to finish a sample,and takes 3-4days to deliver it to your home by DHL or UPS or FEDEX.
    4. You check the sample we made after you receive it. If you like it,then let's go to next step of placing an order.
    If you don't think it is very good, so we will redo the sample according to your opinions. But you need do second payment for the new sample. (Note:All samples cost will be return if you place an order.)
    4. The two parties make sure finally sample.
    5. You pay for 70% of payment to place an order.
    6. Our factory arrange to produce products. Usually, it takes 30 days for us to finish an order.
    7. You may check the photos we take for the goods done,then pay the balance(30%of payment) and shipping, then we deliver it to you.
    8. Business over,periodically visit.

Practical Informations:

  • About delivery: Express courier deliver of DHL,FEDEX , TNT, EMS, etc. Shipments by sea, or by customer's special request.
    Labels: We can custom make your private label according to your design,also provide care-label and size-label for your order.
    Payment Terms: 70% upon placement of order,30% with proof of shipment.
    Payment modes,now available :
    1. Bank transfer payment
    2. Western Union payment
    3. Paypal

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.weaversino.com