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Woven Label And Tags

Labels Types:

woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, embroidered patches, woven patches, leather patches, pvc patches, sticker tags, heat transfer labels, key chains & lanyards, and zipper pulls....

We can make all kinds of Labels and tags and source all kinds of accessories for helping you to create your brand.We can offer all when you want to create your clothing brand, samples, complete clothes, packaging, private label,hangtags, care label, sizes label, even if cord, little plastics, hardwares...etc, these accessories. Usually,here tags or labels are very cheaps if the quantities of per item are more than 1000 pcs. If you place an order of clothes total more than 1000 pcs, the tags and the labels are all free. If you place an order of clothes less than 1000 pcs, usually the average estimated price is US$ 50 per 1000 tags or labels.

Care Labels and Sizes Labels:

Care Labels

Care Labels

Size Labels

Sizes Labels

Size Labels

Sizes Labels

Woven labels are generally made with a damask weave, satin weave, cotton weave, or a taffeta weave.

The type of weave will determine the following important characteristics of your clothing tag:

.    Appearance

.    Feel

.    Thread Count

  • Get the Look You Want Satin weave labels are shiny and reflective, taffeta weave and cotton weave are non-reflective, damask weave is slightly reflective. The look you are going for will determine the fabric that you choose. Damask,Cotton or satin weave labels are typically found in garments, whereas taffeta weave labels are generally more appropriate when going for a durable look, for example, in articles such as backpacks, duffel bags, and camping gear. Usually,cotton weave is suitabel for baby's clothing as it can avoid allergies.

    It’s About the Feel Satin weave labels are sturdy, and less pliable than other weaves, making them appropriate for items such as sheets and mattresses, but often leading to discomfort when in a garment. Taffeta weave labels are also durable, but pliable, making them ideal for outdoor products and rugged outerwear. Damask weave labels are most common in garments, because their softness and pliability make them the most comfortable of the three.

    Why Does Thread Count Matter? Similar to pixels in a photograph, higher thread counts allow for a more detailed design in a label. With the lowest thread count, satin weave labels are suited for the simplest designs. Taffeta has a medium thread count, and of the three, damask has the highest thread count.

    Regardless of your project, there is a woven label out there for you.

Brand Your Creations : Hang Tags and Woven Labels:

  • More than ever, consumers are recognizing the small details on articles of clothing when they go shopping – hang tags and woven labels are being scrutinized by increasingly savvy shoppers. The right label goes a long way with a customer searching for authenticity while a garment with an edgy or eloquent tag will be smiled upon instead of thrown in a pile of shirts with bland generic tags.
    1. Hang Tags
    The straight-forward square or rectangular piece of cardboard attached by a piece of plastic, twine or string can serve as a piece of lucrative marketing material. If it’s well made, a hang tag can display a unique design or logo – people may even notice the tag before the piece of clothing itself. Dutch Label Shop knows how powerful hang tags can be for bringing in new customers. An artfully designed tag can give onlookers and potential buyers a symbol of what your product represents. If the hang tag looks amazing, chances are the garment will be as well. The hang tag functions as a small billboard or business card for your company. So make sure it is designed with intelligence and creativity.
    2. Woven Brand Labels
    Too often, clothing labels are poorly designed, tiny pieces of material that might even irritate the skin. Some people include clothing labels on their products only because it’s the law, but smart and creative designers seize the opportunity to use the label as another way to express the brand and design of the garment.

Care Label:

  • Show Them You Care
    A person inspecting the care label on a garment
    We Could All Use Some TLC

    Whatever it is you make, make sure that it looks its best year after year, especially after enough washes to make your head spin. Custom Care Labels ensure that your customers (or admirers) have the detailed washing and care instructions they need to keep your hard work in tip-top shape. And we have everything you need to create them. We can help choose the right care symbols, including specialty & regulatory. Care Labels offer you another opportunity to brand your work while helping it last longer. Care Labels offer you another opportunity to brand your work while helping it last longer

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