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Weaversino Technologies Co.,Ltd is a company based on OEM. We are professional in producing men's,women's and chinlren's T-shirts.
T-shirts Manufacturing services include Sourcing fabrics, Grade Sizes, Making patterns, Embroidering or Printing, Washing, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing and Logisitc.

Our Major Advantage:
Weaversino has rich experience , advanced equipment , perfect production management , professional design team, management team and a lot of skilled technicians.
Printing Or Embroidering Technique:
We only use the best state of the art machinery to ensure that our printing services produce the best quality results.
Few people like blank T-shirt, most of people like what there are something on the T-shirts. So we offer multiple technologies for your customized T-shirts, such as screen Printing, Embroidering, Transfer Printing and Direct To Garment Printing....

About t-shirts Knowledge:

  • T-shirts are the cornerstone of most mens wardrobes. T’s are worn casual attire, workout shirts, and often designer T shirts are worn for an evening out. Men wear t-shirts all the time, and they work year round regardless of the weather. Consequently most retail stores sell t-shirts in bundles and assorted colors. A great T shirt inventory is a vital part of your mens clothing line. Our clothing factory produces a wide range of T shirt styles in every size and any color. Our apparel design team will work with you to develop custom T shirt designs for your clothing line to make your inventory standout and ensure clothing line is up to date with todays fashion trends.
    You will need to make sure that you both have the product, and that you have a high quality product. Quality is very important in retail, and if the items you sell are not of quality then your customers are simply going to move on to the next retailer.
    There are a several types of t-shirt, though men’s t-shirts are not quite as expansive as women’s. Instead you will find that you most mens Ts are standard neckline shirts or v-necks. Having many different types available in your clothing line is essential, but having quantity is important as well. Customers will be visiting at all times of the day looking for t-shirts. Regardless of the level of quality, t-shirts wear out from frequent use and washing, and this is a fact of life, and consequently T shirts are frequently bought.
    T-shirts are very popular and best sellers, and womens T shirts are no exception. Our China womens clothing factory has a large selection of womens T shirts and womens tops and our in house design team can help you create a custom line of womens tops for your womens apparel line.
    Unlike mens T shirts, womens t-shirts have many different styles they can choose from, for instance women have more form fitting shirts, and their sleeves are typically shorter. Another characteristic of women’s t-shirts is the fact that the sleeves tend to hug the arms more than on a standard t-shirt. In addition they might be fluffed so as to create a cuter aesthetic. In addition to that, another major difference between men’s and women’s t-shirts is that the necklines are significantly different. The collar on the neck will usually be much thinner so as to show off more of the neck, and there can be a number of different neckline styles.
    For instance a womens t-shirt could consist of a scoop-neck, V neck, or a even a collar. Scoop neck womens t shirts can actually dip to many different extremes. Some will cut off mid-chest, and there are many that will stop just above the bust line. V-necks womens t shirts are also popular in womens clothing right now and have been a long time favorite. Like the scoop neck womens t shirts, they can have many different extremes. Our apparel factories have years of experience producing T-shirts and tops. Contact us to for more information about our custom T-shirts and how our in house design team can help you create your own line of T-shirts and tops.
    We always looking for new customers large or small, so please free to contact us .Regardless of big or small order, We provide similar of superior quality service.

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, Email: han@weaversino.com