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Tuffed toy Labels Or Tags

Labels Types:

woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, embroidered patches, woven patches, leather patches, pvc patches, sticker tags, heat transfer labels, key chains & lanyards, and zipper pulls....

We can make all kinds of Labels and tags and source all kinds of accessories for helping you to create your brand.We can offer all when you want to create your stuffed toy brand, samples, complete toys, packaging, private labels,hangtags, care label, even if cord, little plastics, hardwares...etc, these accessories. Usually,here tags or labels are very cheaps if the quantities of per item are more than 1000 pcs. If you place an order more than 1000 pcs, the tags and the labels are all free. If you place an order less than 1000 pcs, usually the average estimated price is US$ 50 per 1000 tags or labels.


  • There are different Law Label rules and regulations with Stuffed Toys. This is because the Law Label on Stuffed Toys is usually much smaller than Law Labels required for items like mattresses or upholstered furniture.Stuffed Toy Labels or Tags usually must be printed on durable, waterproof, soap resistant material. Stuffed Toy Labels or Tags are sewn on the Stuffed Toy. Stuffed Toy Labels or Tags must contain certain minimum information. They might contain other optional or desired information. You may see more than one label or tag on Stuffed Toys.


  • Even though most Stuffed Toy Labels or Tags are fairly small, we can print your Stuffed Toy Labels or Tags in just about any custom size you need.


  • If you need two-sided printing on your Stuffed Toy Labels or Tags, no problem.


  • Some manufacturers prefer a straight cut Stuffed Toy Label or Tag, while others prefer a folded Stuffed Toy Label or Tag. A Folded Stuffed Toy Label or Tag can make for shorter tag, which might be needed for your particular product.

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